1. Welcome

(a) Auckland Transport welcomes you to the Auckland Transport API (the "API"), which allows you to access certain information and data provided by Auckland Transport ("API Content"). Set out below are Auckland Transport terms and conditions for use of the API and API Content (the "API Terms").

(b) By registering to use the API or API Content (as defined herein) on whatever device and by any means the following API Terms shall apply. Your use of the API or API Content indicates your full and complete acceptance of these API Terms.

(c) The API Terms may be amended by Auckland Transport from time to time. By continuing to access or use the API or API Content after any such amendment, you are deemed to have agreed to the amended to the API Terms.

(d) The Website Terms of Use govern general use of this Website ("AT Site"). These API Terms form part of the Website Terms of Use. You agree to comply with the Website Terms of Use as well as these API Terms.

(e) Auckland Transport retain the full copyright notice and any other credit from the original API Content supplied.

2. Getting Started

(a) In order to use the API or API Content, you will be required to register by completing the registration form. You are required to ensure that the information you provide about yourself (and/or your organisation) as part of the registration process for the API or API Content, or as part of your continued use of the API or API Content, is always accurate and current as these details will be used to contact you if any issues arise.

(b) These API Terms grant you the right to use the API Content in conjunction with website(s) or application(s) that you own or control at the time of publication.

(c) Your website(s) or application(s) will not:

  • (i) contain material that is illegal or discriminatory;
  • (ii) promote or incite violence or an illegal activity; and
  • (iii) be capable, in Auckland Transport's sole discretion, of interpretation as racist, sexist or homophobic or promoting such views.

3. Access to API and API Content

(a) You may access the API at https://api.at.govt.nz (the "API Site"). Auckland Transport reserves the right to change the API Site and will provide reasonable notice of such change.

(b) Auckland Transport may in future wish to introduce methods of measuring, tagging and or tracking the API Content and its use - for example to measure interest in certain topics. Specific details, including a full explanation of how Auckland Transport expect to address any privacy aspects, will be published on the API Site prior to their introduction.

4. Lifecycle of API Content

One of the key objectives of Auckland Transport is to provide useful information. If you are displaying out of date, and hence inaccurate information, this would not be acceptable. It is your responsibility to ensure that your website(s) or application(s) are using the most current API Content.

5. Your rights to use API Content

(a) Subject to your compliance with the remainder of the API Terms (including but not limited to your obligation under 7(a)), you are allowed to:

  • i. Access certain information and data provided by Auckland Transport
  • ii. Develop tools to publish, distribute and display the API Content
  • iii. Use the API Content as a basis for analysis and comparison.
  • iv. Make API Content available to your website(s) and or application(s) end users for their personal use only.

6. Password and Security Responsibilities

(a) You are responsible for keeping your password secure and secret. The password you select should not relate to any readily accessible data such as your name, birth date, address and telephone number, driver's licence or passport. Neither should it be an obvious combination of letters and numbers such as sequential or the same numbers.

(b) You are responsible for all use of the API and API Content, and all other activities that occur, through use of your registration and password.

(c) If you believe an unauthorised person knows your password, you must notify the Auckland Transport immediately and change your password as soon as possible.

7. Your Responsibilities Regarding the use of the API and API Content

(a) You agree:

  • i. not to present API Content in a way that seeks to replicate, or pass off your website(s) or application(s) as a resource belonging to or endorsed by Auckland Transport; or
  • ii. not to use API Content in any printed format; or
  • iii. not to remove, obscure or alter any proprietary rights notices, (including copyright and trade mark notices) affixed to or contained in the or modify or alter the API or API Content except as expressly permitted in these Terms of Use; or
  • iv. not to use the API or API Content for any improper, injurious, offensive or unlawful purposes.

8. Right to Charge and Commercial Use

(a) Other than as set out in clause 5 above, these Terms of Use do not allow you to use the API or API Content for commercial purposes. If you wish to obtain a licence that allows you to charge users for the API or API Content you must contact Auckland Transport directly in writing with your request. Your written request must clearly explain the value added service and reason for requiring a licence, and should be sent to ITreports@aucklandtransport.govt.nz (please ensure all contact information is supplied in the request).

(b) Access to the Auckland Transport API is currently provided free of charge. Auckland Transport reserves the right to charge for the API Content made available to you via the API. If any charges are introduced for the API Content or a particular data set of the API Content, these charges will be specified or advised to you in advance.

9. Usage and Quotas

Auckland Transport reserves the right, at Auckland Transport's discretion to:

  • (i) impose restrictions and limitations on the number and frequency of calls made by your website(s) and or application(s) to the API; and
  • (ii) Impose restrictions on a time bound basis e.g. key expiry after a defined date.

By accepting the API Terms you agree not to attempt to circumvent any restrictions or limitations that Auckland Transport impose.

10. Your End Users

(a) You may make API Content available to end users of your website(s) or application(s) strictly for their personal and non-commercial use only

(b) You may not make or give any representations, warranties or other promises in respect of the API and API Content other than expressed in these terms

(c) You are solely responsible for imposing and enforcing appropriate terms in respect of the API and API Content on end users of your website(s) or application(s).

11. Advertising and Commercial Use

(a) You may attach third party advertising to your website(s) or application(s), which includes API Content, without accounting to Auckland Transport for any share in the revenue generated by such advertising, provided that:

    i. You do not associate API Content, directly or indirectly, with advertisements or advertisers that could be regarded by Auckland Transport as illegal or discriminatory.

    (b) You comply with any additional restrictions that Auckland Transport may introduce from time to time as part of the API Terms

    (c) You may not syndicate or otherwise charge users or third parties for accessing the API Content via your website(s) or application(s).

    12. Your Compliance

    You will:

    • i. Follow the instructions contained in any legal or other notice that Auckland Transport send you in respect of the API Content (which may require you to cease using certain API Content). Unless a different period is specified on the face of any notice, you must comply with the instructions within 24 hours of Auckland Transport sending such notice.
    • ii. Keep confidential the existence and content of any legal notice sent to you by Auckland Transport (in accordance with the terms stated on the face of such notice).
    • iii. Ensure that your use of API Content complies with all relevant local laws and take independent legal advice where appropriate.
    • iv. Comply with relevant court reporting restrictions and, where publishing API Content, any local laws applicable.
    • v. Comply with all local advertising codes and regulations.

    (b) You must inform Auckland Transport in writing as soon as possible if you receive any complaint or claim by a third party in relation to the API Content.

    (c) You will not use API Content for any unlawful purpose or in any way that infringes or is likely to infringe the rights (including but not limited to intellectual property rights) of any third party.

    13. General Prohibitions

    When it comes to use of the API:

    (a) You must not, and must not attempt to, collect and store the names, usernames, email addresses, or other credentials of other users of the API and API Content, except to the extent necessary for the proper functioning of your website(s) or application(s).

    (b) You will not attempt to sell any API Content without the explicit permission of the Auckland Transport, or any personal data under any circumstances.

    (c) You must not employ scraping or similar techniques to aggregate, repurpose, republish or otherwise make use of any data from the API, API Site or AT Site, other than API Content that is legitimately accessible to you via the API.

    (d) You must not use the API to distribute spam or other unsolicited advertising or promotional messages, or to send messages, make comments, or initiate any other direct communication or contact with users of the API.

    (e) You must not use the API to commit or engage in, or encourage, induce, solicit or promote, any conduct that violates any law or regulation, or constitutes a breach of these Terms of Use.

    (f) You must not use or facilitate the API to violate, misappropriate or infringe any copyright, trademark rights, rights of privacy or publicity, confidential information or any other right of any third party.

    (g) You must not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other proprietary or legal notices contained in, or appearing on, the API, API Content and or any documentation relating to the API.

    (h) You must not use the API to violate, circumvent or attempt to violate or circumvent any data security measures employed by the API, access or attempt to access data or materials which are not intended for your use; log into, or attempt to log into, a server or account which you are not authorised to access; attempt to scan or test the vulnerability of Auckland Transport servers, system or network or attempt to breach Auckland Transport's data security or authentication procedures; attempt to interfere with the Auckland Transport API (or any part thereof) by any means including, without limitation, hacking Auckland Transport's servers or systems, submitting a virus, overloading, mail-bombing or crashing.

    (i) You must not attempt to obtain more client IDs or keys against a client ID than you reasonably require for the development, testing and operation of your website(s) or application(s).

    (j) You must not rent, sell or lease access to the API or API Content.

    (k) You must not use the API or API Content to distribute any virus, Trojan horse, spyware, adware, malware, bot, time bomb, worm, or other harmful or malicious component, and must not use the API for any purpose which or might overburden, impair or disrupt the API, servers or networks.

    (l) Your end user terms must be consistent with the API Terms

    (m) You must ensure that all networks, hardware and software necessary to operate your website(s) or application(s) are configured and operate to commercially reasonable standards of security. In the event of any breach of security involving the API or any content or data, personal or otherwise, you must notify Auckland Transport immediately via atassist.ns@dimensiondata.com and work diligently to remedy such security breach as soon as practicable. You shall not make any public statement regarding any such security breach without the prior written approval of Auckland Transport.

    (n) You must not operate your website(s) and or application(s) from any domain that includes the words 'Auckland Transport' or any obvious derivation or misspelling of the words "Auckland Transport", or from any domain that is likely to cause an end user to believe that your website(s) or application(s) originates from, or is endorsed by Auckland Transport.

    14. Termination

    (a) Auckland Transport may cancel or suspend your right to access the API or use the API Content at any time, for any period and without notice.

    (b) Your permission to access the API and to use API Content shall terminate automatically on the occurrence of any of the following:

    • You commit a breach of the API Terms.
    • Auckland Transport provide written notice to you of such termination.
    • Auckland Transport withdraw the API or API Content

    (c) On suspension or termination of your permission to access API for any reason, your right to use the API Content will automatically terminate, and you will immediately cease publication, or other use, of all API Content.

    (d) On termination of your permission to access API for any reason, you will remove immediately all API Content from your website(s) or application(s) and delete any remaining API Content in your possession.

    (e) You may terminate your use of the API, at any time by requesting that the Auckland Transport delete your username and password

    15. Intellectual Property

    (a) You acknowledge that all intellectual property rights in the API, API Content and all other information on the AT Site (whether registered or unregistered and whether subsisting in New Zealand or elsewhere in the world) is owned by Auckland Transport, the Local Government Entities, or Auckland Transport's or the Local Government Entities' licensors. Except as expressly permitted under clause 5 of these API Terms no part of the AT Site may be:

    • i. distributed or copied for any commercial purpose, nor incorporated in any other work or publication (whether in hard copy, electronic or any other form); or
    • ii. re-sold, published, copied, reproduced, transmitted or stored (including in any other website or other electronic form), without Auckland Transport's express prior written permission.

    (b) Except as may be expressly agreed in writing with Auckland Transport, nothing in these API Terms gives you the right to use the Auckland Transport's or any of the Local Government Entities' names, trade names, trade marks, logos or domain names (Marks). You accordingly agree that you will not use the Marks:

      iii. unless Auckland Transport or the relevant Local Government Entity has expressly agreed to this in writing; or

      iv. except to the extent that any information which you access API or API Content incorporates or includes Marks, in which case you will not be required to remove such Marks when making use of the information .

    (c) You must not, and not permit anyone else to, copy, modify, create a derivative work of, reverse engineer or decompile the software provided to you as part of the API or API Content. Service. The right to use the API is personal to you and your website(s) or application(s).

    (d) These API Terms grant you the right to use the API Content only - it does not grant you any rights in respect of material appearing on any Auckland Transport websites or in any Auckland Transport publications

    16. Liability

    (a) Your use of, and any reliance on, the API and API Content is at your own risk.

    (b) Auckland Transport hereby exclude liability for:

    • direct, indirect, special or consequential damages, even if you have previously advised us of the possibility of such damages. In addition, Auckland Transport will not be liable for any loss of revenue, profits, opportunity or data arising in connection with your access to API or us€f API Content.
    • the consequences of any inaccuracy, interruptions or errors in the API Content or API. Auckland Transport are not obliged to make any particular API Content available to you via API or by any other means.

    Auckland Transport will not be liable in any circumstances to your end users of API Content.

    17. Disclaimer

    (a) Auckland Transport is under no obligation to make any particular content available as API Content. Access to and availability of the API or API Content is not guaranteed, nor can Auckland Transport ensure that it will be uninterrupted or error free. .

    (b) Auckland Transport does not guarantee that the API or API Content will be available, complete, accurate, uninterrupted, error free or free from viruses or anything else of similar destructive qualities.

    (c) The API Content is intended for general information and you are solely responsible for determining whether the API Content is suitable for your purposes. Auckland Transport make no representation that the API Content will be legally compliant or otherwise appropriate for your intended use.

    (d) All implied warranties, conditions or other terms are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

    (e) API Content may contain links to websites provided by independent third parties. Auckland Transport are not responsible for the availability or content of such sites and shall not be responsible for any transaction concerning goods or services available from those sites.

    (d) Use of API and API Content is at your own risk.

    18. Rights

    Nothing in the API Terms shall operate to transfer to you or create for your benefit any interest (including but not limited to goodwill) in the API, API Content, Auckland Transport branding or other logos and trademarks included in the API, which shall remain at all times the property of Auckland Transport, its licensors or third parties.

    19. Amendments to the API Terms

    (a) These API Terms may be varied from time to time (including to take account of any additional or special terms required in respect of any third party content included in the API Content). Please ensure that you review this page at https://api.at.govt.nz/terms/ regularly as you will be deemed to have accepted a variation if you continue to use API after it has been posted.

    (b) Any supplemental terms notified to you directly (including but not limited to as part of the supply of API Content to you) will, if you continue to use the applicable API Content, or function, form part of these API Terms for the purposes of Auckland Transport's agreement with you.

    (c) Auckland Transport reserves the right to alter, suspend or terminate the API or API Content temporarily or permanently at any time.

    (d) Auckland Transport may modify or upgrade the API and API Content from time to time and your continued use of the API and API Content will be subject to you obtaining and using that modified or upgraded version.

    20. General

    (a) Third Party Operators

    of the API may be powered by, hosted or otherwise managed by third parties. Such third parties may impose their terms of use on you in respect of the API area they control. In the event of a conflict between the API Terms and those of any third party, these terms shall prevail to the extent that such conflict affects API Content.

    (b) Publicity

    agree that Auckland Transport may use your name, logo and url in publicity for and reporting literature regarding the API. In addition, if Auckland transport like what you do with the API Content, Auckland Transport may link from at.govt.nz directly to your website(s) or application(s).

    (c) Assignment

    as expressly set out in these API Terms, you are not permitted to assign, sub-licence, transfer or dispose of the rights licensed under the agreement.

    (d) Waiver

    The non-exercise of, or delay in exercise, by us of any power, right or remedy provided by this agreement or law shall not operate as a waiver of that power, right or remedy. Similarly, any single or partial exercise of by us of a power, right or remedy provided by this agreement or law shall not preclude any other or further exercise of such. A power, right or remedy will only be waived by us if notified to you in writing.

    (e) Hyperlinking

    If you wish to link to any part of the AT Site, you must obtain Auckland Transport's prior written consent. Auckland Transport reserves the right to prohibit links to the AT Site and you agree to remove or cease any link upon the Auckland Transport's request. You may not frame any part of the material on the AT Site by including advertising or other revenue generating material.

    21. Auckland Transport Values and Brands

    You will not use the API and API Content or any aspect of Auckland Transport's relationship with you in a manner that could, in Auckland Transport's reasonable opinion, cause harm to Auckland Transport goodwill, conflict with Auckland Transport values or which could cause Auckland Transport brand to be brought into disrepute.

    22. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

    The agreement between us is governed by New Zealand law and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of New Zealand courts.

    23. Contacting us

    If you have any questions or concerns in relation to the AT Site, or these API Terms, please contact us at ITreports@aucklandtransport.govt.nz.